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Although we offer a fixed price, we always try and match or better like for like quotes you may have obtained from reputable competitors. We also want you to have an idea of the total cost up front, not hide additional extras from you until it is time to pay the bill.   We do not offer cheap headline prices to catch your attention then sneakily add VAT and call out charges on the invoice. 

In addition to the actual tests you may want to add some of the optional items listed below. This section tells you what, why and how much: 

  • Minor repairs & Retests: Highly competitive prices depending upon nature of repair.

  • Microwave emissions testing: Why? Because the potential danger from microwaves is not just electrical, but via harmful emissions from the door seals as well:  Cost 5 per oven.

  • Replacement 13A plugs:  Why? If the plug is the cause of test failure, replacing it is far more cost effective than replacing the whole appliance. Cost: 3 each, wired and tested.

  • Written records of PAT Test results Why? Documentation gives you an official record that can be kept to show you take your duty of care seriously. Cost: Between 1and 10 depending upon size.

  • Personalised certificates:  Why? They look more professional than written ones. Some organisations insist upon them if you are taking your appliances to use onto their premises. Cost: 1.

If you are a church or registered charity or only have a few appliances and can bring them to me, please e-mail for special discretionary rates. 

Loyalty discounts and special offers are available. If applicable, these are usually sent with your test paperwork.  


Important* Alpha regret that because of the proportionally higher costs involved in on-site testing of low numbers of appliances, this rate only applies where there are more than 20 appliances to be tested. Therefore for 20 or less, there is a flat rate minimum total invoice charge of 25.  Please note that most other testers set a minimum invoice charge of between 25-50.

*Where appliances are unusually complex or time consuming to test, or in hazardous environments, a hourly rate of 10 per hour may be charged instead. Why? High risk environments deserve higher rates.