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  • An honest appraisal of the level of risk that your electrical appliances pose and advice on how often PAT Testing should take place.
  • Whenever possible, testing is undertaken at the agreed time with minimum disruption to you, your staff and/or members of the public using your business.
  • A visual inspection, from socket to appliance.

  • Plugs opened where possible, all terminals tightened, fuses checked, combustible dust and grime buildup removed.

  • Power cords checked visually for damage and tested, including a separate polarity and wiring test on detachable power leads.

  • Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and other tests where appropriate, carried out on appliances as is applicable to their Class.

  • Appliances labeled to show their status. Failed appliances are labeled as failed, removed from use, and brought to the attention of the responsible person.

  • Certificates giving you written confirmation that appliances have passed Formal Inspection and Testing by a qualified person.

  • If required, an itemised invoice clearly showing a breakdown of the total cost, informing you of payment methods and how long you have to pay for the work done. A proper receipt is always given for cash payments.

  • The choice of booking the next test in advance, with a free e-mail reminder when the time approaches.

  • If required, a useful microwave leakage safety test can be carried out on your microwave ovens. (This measures microwave emissions to make sure they are not at a potentially dangerous level.)



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